4.14.17 / Good news, finally got switched to part time at my day job, to have more time to print.
Orders up to 3.27.17 have shipped. Sorry for the delays, working as fast as I can, thanks. LM @ UH
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About the HIVE  Info About UltraHIVE.com

Not your normal everyday business... A non-corporate, 1 man show. I try my best and appreciate the support, allowing me to do this. You can expect quality vinyl stickers. To avoid mistakes, I do not rush print orders.

ALL ORDERS are processed in the order as they are received, based on IN STOCK status. UltraHIVE.com is a ONE PERSON OPERATION. MOST items are in stock but may require re-printing during ORDER PROCESSING. DECAL SETS take longer to produce, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Terms & CONDITIONS  For use of the UltraHIVE.com online shop

Every paid order is backed by an email confirmation and online PayPal recorded history. If you claim to have purchased something with no recorded history, contact me before opening a dispute.

Privacy POLICY  Buyer & member, stored information

This website does NOT store ANY personal buyer information except for your Paypal email address. Any buyer PayPal account security issues will be handled by PayPal.

Order STATUS  Shipping Overview

All U.S. sold DECAL SETS will be shipped Priority USPS with tracking and insurance. Any small orders under 10$ will be shipped in a small stamped envelope. I will be updating the website soon, making a purchase minimum of 10$, where each minimum order will be shipped first class with tracking. All international orders will be charged a 25$ shipping fee. Once an international order is shipped, I will refund the buyer the shipping differnce. I will no longer be shipping priority flat rate international due to the sudden price increase by USPS, from 25$ to 33$. I'm not playing playing that game and neither should you.

Screen SIZE  Computer, Tablet & Mobile

UltraHIVE.com was originally designed for a desktop computer, using Windows XP and Internet Explorer. I'm working on cross platform versions, including tablet and mobile phone sizes. Until then the site will not function properly on some mobile devices.

Print QUE  Printing Time Overview

I keep a limited stock of certain items, orders take time for me to print or re-print back into stock. Ebay items come first in priority due to its public feedback system. I am currently working a full time day job so expect about a month for orders to process. Please remember that its just one person handling all of this, and to have patience. Rushing a print only causes unwanted errors in the print itself. Theres an art to printing, besides the art of whats actually being printed. Colors shift positions all the time, and its difficult to maintain perfection without trial and error. This is why time is extremely important.

Website UPDATES  Info about website ubdates

I try to update the website to make the customers operating experiance alot easier. I'm currently working on a mobile version for phones and tablets, which should launch in June of 2017.

Surface CLEANING  The most important part of the process

All surfaces must be clean and free of dust and dirt particles, to avoid trapping dust and dirt between the decal and the surface they are being applied to. Depending on your surface, you can use solvents to clean and prep the area. Do not use degreasers, as they can leave a film reducing the tact / stickiness of the decals. More info coming soon.
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Decal APPLICATION  The water slide technique

Make sure to properly wash your hands to avoid trapping fingerprints on the decals while applying. Although I do not use this process, people have had success applying decals in the following way... By using lightly soapy warm water, sprayed onto the frame and backside of the decal itself, then applying that decal to the frame. This allows you to reposition the decals easier, but you must squeegee any air bubbles prior to the water drying. More info coming soon.

Having PATIENCE  2nd most important part

Try not to start the decal application, while in the middle of doing other things. Having kids or a pet in the room can cause a distraction. Decals have a slight static cling to them once removed from the backing paper. Animal fur or hair can be attracted to the static, and stick to the decals before applying them.

Relax, wash up, and think of the best way to apply that particular decal. For example, its easier to apply the downtube decal if the frame has no parts installed yet, and is secured from moving.

Backup STICKERS  Dont worry, you've got extras

I try not to promote this fact, but for years now I've been including extra decals with every order. Depending on the amount of stickers ordered, I give back to show my appreciation for the support. This is the only way I can see being fair to those that understand why the prices are what they are. I believe that its important to have extras, either while applying them or just in case you mess up while freestyling or transporting the bicycle. I can also provide you with extras at cost, and I usually give extras of those as well.

Contact The HIVE  Why this site does NOT have a contact form

Due to certain unwanted website technologies, like the type that scan pages to collect info to resell and send spam, I no longer offer a contact form, or clickable link to contact me here on the site. If you only knew the stress it causes, you would understand. Having worked in website marketing has made me aware of these technologies, and having seen first hand how an inbox can overload, I chose to keep it simple for a while. I figured most of you could figure out to either contact me through Ebay, or by checking your Paypal confirmation emails which would show my info. Sorry for the delays, but this should help out the rest, thanks...

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